Photo Gallery



Photo Gallery

The following are photos of some of our Percheron Draft Horses or Percheron/Thoroughbred Crosses; as indicated, some have been sold. To view pedigrees, click on the horse's name.

We always have home-bred, excellent quality horses for sale. They all trace back to our original herd sire, R.H.B. Emblem, and/or Jack (both pictured below). Our current herd sire is Sonador Farm's Excalibur (pictured below). Our broodmare line traces back to MI DID's DOLL (pictured in our gallery).

We have several references from satisfied owners of our Percherons and Percheron/Thoroughbred crosses.

 Carousel Farm is located in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia (60 miles west of Washington, D.C.).

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Carousel's Elegance (sold)

Carousel's Elegance competing in some recent horse trials.

Carousel's Elegance as a 5-year-old.

Carousel's Sweet-Sweet Candy (sold)

Percheron/Thoroughbred mare

Carousel's Luther (sold)

Percheron gelding

Carousel's Rock (sold)
Percheron gelding
Rock's Cross-Country Schooling Photo Album
Rock's Pedigree

Carousel's J-Rose (sold)

Registered Percheron mare
J-Rose's Cross-Country Schooling Photo Album

J-Rose's Pedigree

Registered Percheron Gelding (sold)

This gelding was raised on our farm and is now competing in dressage classes in Petaluma, California.

The same gelding as a young colt before leaving for California.


Doll, our first foundation mare. All our Percheron horses trace back to Doll and R.H.B. Emblem.

Arielle driving Doll.

Carousel's Moonlight Nancy

Nancy (pictured as a yearling) is a daughter of MI DID'S DOLL and R.H.B. Emblem.
She is one of our best foundation mares.

Registered Percheron Filly (sold)

This 2-year-old filly is a daughter of Carousel's Moonlight Nancy and Jack.

Midnight Blue
Midnight Blue is a daughter of MI DID'S DOLL.
Blue is one of our finest foundation mares.

Carousel's Shadow Blue (sold)

This is a daughter of Midnight Blue.

Carousel's Midnight Special and Carousel's Storman Norman (sold)

Discing the garden with Midnight and Norman, 18.2hh black geldings.


..for more information about horses for sale or stallion service,
 please call (304) 725-3909 or email


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